Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 6 - Matainui

Silk, long hanging curtains, golden trays with breakfast served on them. I had the Royal treatment, I had woken up inside a 6 starred hotel's sleeping chamber (or so it seemed). My bed sheets were silk and all the modernised furniture with styled features and a good vibe. There were balconies and as I looked out over mine I saw the beautiful water feature in the palaces courtyard below...the air was crisp here and I breathed easily. I felt cool and open with the morning breeze slowly coating my damaged skin with a basking flow.

There came a call through the wind and a growing sound of footsteps; "James?"..."James?, Oh I wonder where he is?"
"Hello I'm over here" I replied, and before I knew it I was being surrounded by Maddy, Mac and Malik however they looked somewhat different to what they were last night. I must have been really delusional last night to not notice that; Mac had shrunk 3 feet and appeared to some sort of leprechaun from Irish folk law with a green beard and pointy green shoes and a sparkly boler hat, his waistcoat was felt and smooth by the look of it. Normally I would have said something but I did not want to offend, I was sure Mac would take to heart to the remark I had secretly thought of in my head. "Top of the mornin to ya" he spat out with a broad Irish accent, my response was just a quick nod back.
Malik had a sort of transparent look about him. He cast no shadow in the sunlight from the sunrise outside that was shedding a warm glittering light onto the scene through the curtains that were waving around in the wind.

Maddy did not look that different apart from the change of clothes and a new hair do she looked very calm, graceful and at piece with the world the birds sang on the balcony as she spoke; "How are you James? we were worried last night, you were totally out of it, mumbling about the forest and wanting to go home to the trees. We put you up in the last royal room we had, I hope it suits your liking?"
"Well I could do with some extra space, maybe a tennis court or a soccer pitch anything of the sort?" I said sarcastically mocking rich people's snobbyness ( if that is a word).

I was soon dressed. I had taken quite a fancy to my new robes they were silky and comfortable not to mention stylish (in my opinion). lined with deep purple trims on a cream base I looked like a fancy Jedi warrior. I was introduced to my guide... he was mysterious his skin glowed orange and he was hunched over like an old butler in a horror movie "This way" he sounded in a deep croaky voice "Mistresses orders to take you to the spire" he added, I caught onto the fact that he was addressing Madison as "Mistress"
" We will see you later James" Madison stated still with her calm harmonious voice
"Please take him on his way Druno" she requested to the guide.
"Yes Mistress" Druno replied obediently and started to walk away toward the exit.
"Oh and Druno what have I told you about calling me "Mistress"?" Madison asked
The guide grunted and walked on at a slower pace.

I was escorted down cobbled stairs into the courtyard; still the fountain bemused me, we were approaching a tall golden spire that I had failed to see before. In fact it was growing slowly but surely like a vine up a wall. I then noticed that the spire was a footpath swirling past the tops of the clouds into the heavens. However it had a liquid appearance yet seemed rigid like rock. How could the stairs be growing? but it was then that I looked to where the staircase was rising from and sure enough it was the golden pool that was slowly draining and rising into the air to add more to this already towering staircase.

When we got to the edge of where the pool one was there was nothing but a pit ten thousand meters deep. I was reluctantly handed a key and nudged by Druno as he pointed to the long golden bridge which led to the gate guarding the opening to the staircase.
"You must now clinb every one of those 127 million seven hundred, fifty three thousand nine hundred and twenty five steps to meet your friends."
I did not question the alienated being but I was scared, how was I ever going to climb those seven... oh whatever that number was amount of steps? I crossed the bridge and was ready to transform back into the Weffler ready to take on the steps. The key fitted perfectly and the door swung open revealing Madison, Leprechaun Mac, Malik, Leah, Morgan and Emma all standing in a golden elevator (I was relieved that alien guy had me going for a minute there) I sighed with releif

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