Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 5 - Matainui

I was revived. After the enormous sleep I had just had I was awake under the golden pool's surface.

I had no worries as I bobbed my head out of the water I saw Emma lying down on her back once again conscious. "What, how, when. How are you awake?" I struggled to get out
"It must have been the water, there is something about that pool that is not normal" replied Emma. She slowly leaned upwards to gain a glimpse of me however it was not the reaction I was expecting. Anyone would expect someone seeing their friend as a swamp monster after a day of being unconscios would either scream, yell, cry or even act the faintest bit surprised. But nothing..."Your hair has grown" she said
"What hair and why arent you freaking out?" It was then I brushed my hand trough my hair, wait I had hair no vines no leaves no nothing. I was human again! With no weffler worries or mood swings, that pool really did have powers although in a way I was sad to have lost the thing that made me unique. My hair was much longer than before, but I liked it it made me look kind of like a cave man.

I was no longer a weffler "No more weffler" I sighed. At that moment the vines started ripping my flesh open. The blood was staining the grass and I was screaming loudly but that was miniscule compared to the noise Emma was making. However I did not hurt, Taller, Stronger, Faster. I was the Swamp monser again but still Emma was screaming. It took half an hour to reassure Emma that I was ok, I also explained how I turned into the Swamp thing.

I was still questioning how I had turned into a human and then back again. I raised the point with Emma..."Human" the word was spoken and I once again shrunk into a human body with normal everything. I knew why I was changing, whenever I said either "Weffler" or "human" I would change into that thing. I was torn between strong beast or normal human but I felt my companion would be a bit freaked out to keep seeing me as a monster that could easily eat her whole.

I took a moment to once again to explore my surroundings. The views were amazing from this mountain peak I could see some kind of bubble all around the island, it was located about 1 kilometer off the coast of the spit of land we were situated on. Outside it was a raging sea storm but inside was a haven of clear skies and sunny beaches.

The hanger (or as it appered) was just across the courtyard from us. I could distinctly see the gigantic chrome ball that we had been chasing for days sitting there right infront of me at its station attatched to a boarding passage similar to the ones they use on big commercial airliners to board passengers.

My gut felt weird as if someone was watching me and it was true the pyramids eye was watching me closely and quite suspiciously as if I had done something wrong. I was freaked so we decided to head away from the square based point into the heavens and toward the temple or palace with the spires and the golden decorated tips. It was even more beautiful than the silver marvel that we had seen before in the forests. We walked the length of the man made river that was decorating the front of the building and up to the wooden 20 meter tall front door that unusually was open.

We were seeking refuge but we were to encounter no problems .When we were greeted by the group we thought we would never see again.

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