Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 3-Matainui

I awoke to see no one around me but a faint rustling sound outside the tent. I felt better now so I threw off my blankets and decided to investigate the noise, once outside I realised it was Emma packing up camp she obviously planned on moving camp but why? "Oh...Good morning sleepy head" she spoke with enthusiasm and a hint of humour. "Good morning" I replied. Then out of nowhere there was a giant groaning sound followed by a heavy mechanical kind of sibilant clanking. Then out of my peripheral vision I spotted the glowing silver haven start to float as if it was weightless like a helium balloon.

We studied it together in amazement both lost for words. I must still be asleep and hallucinating from yesterdays event. However I had pinched myself about half a dozen times now and my arm was starting to hurt and go very red. I did not know what was going on but I did know that whatever this "thing" was it was not human. It rose constantly higher in the sky until then it started floating across towards the biggest of the three mountains on the island. "We have to follow it" Emma enforced "The others must be inside".

Camp was all packed up into our backpacks and I decided to start chopping a route through the vines and overhanging leaves in the way with my machete, I figured it would be easier that way when we came around to leaving.

Slowly I stopped swinging at the obstacles ahead of me. I had seen something, and it was big! It was probably a harmless wild pig. So with that reassuring thought in my head I started back at my assigned job. At that moment an enormous ostrich like bird jumped out of the bush ahead and knocked me to the ground, its claws sliced my stomach's flesh into bits of bloody tissue. As I slowly regained my footing I realised that it was no ostrich or emu, it was a Moa bird! But how? Moa had been extinct for centuries. I had no time to think as instantaneously I realised the 230kg bird was no longer interested with me because it had found a new target. It ran directly into Emma while her back was turned as she was scavenging for berries on nearby fruit trees. If I had not stepped in with a slash of my tree chopping sword the nails of the monster would have surely re-arranged Emma's innocent face.

The beast fled limping away with half of its leg severed and hanging off by a flap of skin. Emma was no better she had been severely concussed by the blow and seemed to be in some kind of a coma. A tear came to my eye, how could I have been so careless? after all she had done for me and I let her get killed by some savage bird!!!AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! I let off a scream of rage so loud it seemed there was an earthquake, the entire island shook. I was driven I would take her to that mountain if it was the last thing I did! I dressed the wounds the victim had sustained with some of the parachute backpack and string.

I was at the end of my previously constructed trail and had to start forging the rest of the needed route with the body of an unconscious girl slung over my shoulder and to make matters worse the mosquito's were drawn to me like a piece of dead, blooded meat. Indeed that I was as the blood from my stomach's wound was pouring out like a waterfall, my intestines were slowly oozing out, I was unsuccessfully trying to hold them back in with my free arm. I was losing blood, fast. I tripped and stumbled as the ground got softer and eventually grew to a shallow, ankle height sort of bog.

I was sinking into the swamp...I dropped Emma, she landed in the thick mud face down, she was going to suffocate! What was I going to do? I had to get out. Before I knew it I was completely submerged in mud. I too could not breathe and was slowly blacking out...

LIFE! life was restored within me what had happened? no more pain, no more weakness. I stood up in the watery filth around me it was then I realised that I was not myself any more. I was a freak, a monster everything you were brought up to think was evil. I was a man of the swamp literally. I had vines for arms and all over green. I took in a deep breath, I was cooled off as the water from the swamp had been sucked up into my vines. I took a big step, I felt as if no one could stop me, I was so strong all my past worries were gone.

"Fetch the girl" "Fetch the girl you fool" "She is dieing...go and help her" These voices were creeping me out who was speaking? But they had reminded me about the situation Emma was in, I wouldn't let her die. I ran so fast I was sure I would have beaten Usain Bolt in a race! As I waded to the edge of the swamp the thick mud encasing Emma's face was morphed out of the way then suddenly a huge Rimu tree ripped itself from the Earth and started to walk staunchly towards her using its beastly thick roots for legs.

As the Ent like creature cradled Emma in its branches it spoke to me; "take good care of her,I can tell you would be devastated if she were to pass away"
"Thank you" I replied "oh and by the way what are you exactly?"
"I am a weffler, a being of the forest you will be able to talk to us now you are one too"..."most plants are actually weffles discused, there are some advantages to being a weffler, for example you can control normal trees and plants and in your case you can move water and run faster than most things could ever dream of.

The rest of the day was spent by me ripping trees from their roots in order to get through the forest faster. I had to get Emma to the top of that mountain, I was sure that that was where everyone was after the spaceship took off. I dosed off while still running with Emma slung over my shoulder...

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