Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 4 - Matainui

I awoke lying on the forest floor to an awful smell, I realised Emma had not washed in 3 days and she was starting to smell like a rubbish dump. I did not suffer from these odour problems anymore as I was constantly being washed by the water in my vines. I decided the best way to wash her would be to submerge her in the river where I could control the water and clean her. However I had to reach he river before I could follow up my planning. So with one swift movement I slung her onto my shoulder into a fireman's hold and started to sprint towards the mountain. It was not long before our route was intercepted by the fast flowing river. We must have been on some sort of an island between two sides of the river. I needed to be quick washing Emma as the group at the mountain would surely move.

It was messy, I was still mastering my new skills (or powers however you would refer to them)but eventually my efforts payed off and Emma was reasonably clean. I finished off by ringing the water out of her clothes using my powers and once again started towards the mountain.

Many hours and many litres of sweat were spent while trudging through the forest and now I was starting to become fatigued. I no longer felt like the powerful monster I was. All around me I could hear the croaky conversation between the wefflers all around me. It was then I was reminded of my fellow beings of the bush, "Hello will anyone help me carry this young human up to the summit of the mountain?" I proposed however the words came out distorted and messed up. Although my speech was unusually stranger than normal the many wefflers in disguise responded and three enourmous trees sprung into action quickly taking Emma's crushing weight from my shoulders. These tree wefflers were at least two times as big as the last one I had encountered.
"HMMM...AHHHHHHH!", Emma was screaming It was as if she knew I was no longer carrying her, the wefflers were stunned by the noise and almost dropped her head over heels.

The day was long but at least I now had company, the trees were fascinating we had many in detail conversations about the history of our races and I started to understand a little more about what I was. We had decided to carry Emma in legs my own leg of the journey was eternity but it payed off as we reached the pinnacle of the mountain we saw pyramids and ruins of an ancient society much like the scene of machu picchu.

"We must now leave back to the forests" announced the trio of wefflers,
"Thankyou for your knowledge and your services that you have provided me with throughout our journey" I replied
"It is our pleasure but I must warn you, without the presence of the trees you may feel empty inside and feel sorrow towards yourself, only the most experienced wefflers can ever accomplish the feat of walking free of the forest" stated the tallest one. "Good luck, and goodbye" said the three together and then turned back to the amass of green below. I knew I was going o miss them and wish they were still here when I found further problems.

As I studied the greatest pyramid in more detail I discovered that it was square based and also at the very top there was a mysterious eye looking down at me, however this was not all as there was also a glistening golden stream running down from the colouring of the eye down the face of the architecture into a beautiful scene of the worshiping pool where the swans were whiter than white and the fish were more swift. They were leaping out of the water frantically at the pyramids edge and slowly picking the algae living on the submerged bricks. There were people lying on blankets at the pools meeting with the land. They seemed to be praying somehow and yet they did not seem human, there figures were distorted and deformed. These "people" were obviously seeking shade from the surrounding trees that were swaying in the cool breeze.

Sprinting across the land was much harder than in the water, but when I finally got to the waters edge I was depressed my moods were playing with me I felt happy then sad and I had realised that what the weffler had told me was true and I was an empty soul without the trees. I kneeled down and with the body of Emma still in my arms. SPLASH!!! into the pool, I felt alive my roots turned golden and started to glow...Darkness...

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